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Bringing measurable Commercial Acumen to Your Business....
Competitive Tendering and Tender Evaluation in a Commercial Procurement Environment

To provide delegates with the skills that will enable them to produce successful invitation to tender documents and tender responses, be involved in the sourcing, selection and management of sub-contractors, understand the tendering process and evaluation of tender documents so that they can make informed judgement leading to contract award or submission of winning proposals.

Learning Outcomes
The delegates will gain an understanding of the essential principles in the effective sourcing, selection and management of suppliers/sub-contractors. They will understand the need for a strategic procurement plan and importance of relationship management, vendor data bases & appraisal; raising, issuing, controlling and evaluating invited tenders. They will be aware of the roles & responsibilities of the bid evaluation team. The procurement specification and formation of the Invitation to Tender will be addressed. The delegates will understand the need for evaluation criteria, how to control the issue of the ITT and manage the evaluation of the offer. They will understand the principles of effective tendering; roles & responsibilities of the Client and the Bid Manager. They will review the Bid/No Bid decision and understand the need to collaborate and how to select the collaborative partner

The Procurement environment
Business and cost effective buying strategies; Supplier data bases; Supplier appraisals; Make/buy planning; The formation and content of the procurement plan

Supplier and Buyer Positioning and Relationships
Supplier/Buyer positioning; Invitations to tender – key aspects; Gaining commitment from major sub-contractors; Understanding the Client – organisation and roles; Collaboration.

Buying Team selection and skills
Composition; Roles; Responsibilities; Skills of the team

Procurement Specification
Specification Development; Requirements & limits; Drivers & gold plating

Invitation to Tender
Purpose & ownership; Structure & content; Evaluation strategy & criteria, Bidder qualification; Qualification requirements; Preferred, recommended & directed suppliers

Managing the ITT & responses
Release of the RFI/RFQ; Managing fair competition; Instructions to Bidders; Managing the response period, the Evaluation and the decision making process

Cost effective competitive bidding
Bid/No Bid decisions; Win/loss ratios; Effort and return in terms of costs and rewards

Supplier's team selection and skills
Role and responsibilities of the Bid Manager; Formation of the bid team – role and skills

Controlling and monitoring the Bid process
Storyboarding, Red Teaming, Commercial Vetting and Approval to submit; Collaborative needs – SWOT analysis

Course is scheduled for 2 days.

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Bringing measurable commercial acumen to your business...

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