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Bringing measurable Commercial Acumen to Your Business....
Fundamentals of Successful Bid Management

The aim is to provide delegates with an awareness of the processes in bidding for new business through a competitive tender.

Learning Outcomes
The delegates will be afforded an opportunity to understand the essential principles for effective tendering in a competitive market. The training will assist delegates to understand Client's the roles and responsibilities and the role and responsibilities of the Bid Manager. Delegates will review the Bid/No Bid decision linked to the Business Strategy and will understand the need for vendor databases, the relative positions of the buying/supplying companies and the "right" management approach for those positions. Delegates will understand the need to collaborate and how to select the collaborative partner. The formulation of the “ideal” proposal will be discussed. The delegates will understand the importance of relationship management and vendor appraisal as well as how to raise, issue, control and evaluate invited tenders.

The topics covered include:
  • The competitive bidding process an overview
  • Bid/No Bid decisions
    • tactical and strategic
  • Understanding the Client
    • organisation and roles
  • The bid team
    • role, skills and responsibilities of the Bid Manager
  • Controlling and monitoring the Bid process
    • Storyboarding and Red Teaming
    • Measuring bidding effort and returns on that effort
  • Supplier/Buyer positioning
  • Vendor databases and vendor evaluation
  • Collaborative needs
    • SWOT analysis
  • Teaming arrangements
    • Joint Ventures, Joint Stock, Alliances and Partnerships
  • The ideal proposal
  • Monitoring and controlling the Tendering process
The module is scheduled for 1 day.

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Bringing measurable commercial acumen to your business...

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