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Fundamental Skills of Successful Negotiations

The aim is to provide delegates with an awareness of Negotiation as a structured process.

Learning Outcomes
The training will assist delegates to understand the necessity of ensuring adequate preparation, how to establish relationships and obtain information through discussions before proposing solutions and striking the bargain to achieve closure. The delegates will be introduced to the concept of team roles and the use of strategy and tactics. A variety of forms of questioning will be reviewed and the conditional proposal will be explored. The establishment of entry and exit positions will be reviewed and the process of trading up will be considered. Delegates will understand the importance of non-verbal communication and its place in the communication methodology throughout the negotiation process.

The topics covered include:
The 4 phase structured approach to negotiation
  1. Preparation
    • Information needs
    • Negotiating position
    • Team negotiation - roles
    • Strategy and tactics
  2. Discussion
    • Conducive environment
    • Relationship building
    • Forms of questions – open, closed, comparative
  3. Proposal
    • The conditional proposal - "If/then..."
    • Degrees of freedom
  4. Bargain and close
    • Trading up
    • Concessions
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Negotiating styles and tactics
    • Use of time
The module is scheduled for 1 day.

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Bringing measurable commercial acumen to your business...

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