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Ministry of Defence – Contract terms and conditions

The aim is to promote a greater awareness of the MoD as a customer and improve company contractual performance by providing the delegates with a detailed understanding of the terms and conditions of contract used by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the module the delegates will have been afforded an opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the details of MoD Standard and Special Terms & Conditions, assess commercial risk and consider appropriate responses to these Ts & Cs within the boundary conditions of company policy. The training will refresh the delegate's knowledge and understanding of the rights and obligations enjoyed by the contracting parties under English Contract Law, develop their skills in reviewing the various forms of MoD contracts and assessing the appropriateness; raise the delegates understanding of the implications of contract terms and the associated risk; explore the relationship between standard terms and special terms, consider the migration from the standard terms of GC Stores 1 towards the broader use of DEFCONS.

The topics covered include:
  • The role of MoD Contract Branches
  • Classification of Contracts
    • eg Stores, Repairs, R&D, Service etc
  • Implications
    • competitive, non-competitive, IPR, Pricing & Acceptance
  • Life Cycle Management
    • The Commercial Deliverable
  • MoD Contracts
    • General Principles
  • Standard conditions
    • Detailed review
  • IPR
    • Principles and the MoD's need
  • Special conditions
    • Force Majeure, Damages – liquidated & unliquidated
  • Pricing
    • Fixed OR Firm , Price Fixing, Post Costing, Ascertained Costs & NAPNOC
  • Flow Down of Ts & Cs
The module is scheduled for 1 day.

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Bringing measurable commercial acumen to your business...

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